BUILDINGThe Church of Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith was founded in 1965, after a break up, from the mother church, by Deacon Hartis Washington, his wife Sister Flossie, and 3 other women.  An old school house was sitting on land that was already owned by the former church and Deacon Washington received permission from his former pastor to start service in it. Over the years several Pastors came and went, but Deacon Washington, his wife and a few women remained faithful to God in having services and bible classes. Praying and waiting on God to send them a Pastor. Elder Richard Jeffrey a young man, along with his wife and 2 children were starting out in ministry, and one day he was approached by Bishop O.C. Washington, concerning Pasturing the Church of Jesus Christ.  Elder Richard Jeffrey, along with his wife Sister Mable, and 2 children placed their membership at the Church of Jesus Christ in 1979, as he assumed the role of Pastor. The church began to thrive, as the membership increased from 8 to over 75 in a few short years in their 40 X 40 foot building.

Elder Jeffrey was a people person and wanted all to know about this great salvation he had received. He started by evangelizing within his own family, until he had won 1 of his brothers, 1 of his sisters, and his mother, from AME to Apostolic. One brother left Arkansas but could not out run God, and was arrested by the Holy Ghost in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and eventually moved back to Arkansas under Elder Jeffrey’s ministry. Later another sister and brother were saved.

After a few years Pastor ‘Richard Jeffrey and the saints wanted a better edifice. He and the one deacon and the present membership achieved a loan from the bank and had an extension of 40 X 40 for a church fellowship hall, and later expanded by adding another 40 X 30 foot building for office space and class rooms. One day as Elder Jeffrey was seeking God concerning an organization for the Church, so the people could have greater fellowship. One of his old high school friends visited Arkansas and in their conversing and talking about his desire. His friend called and introduced him to his Pastor in Chicago, who was in the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith. Elder Jeffrey and few of the saints visited one of the National Conventions and was hooked. The Church of Jesus Christ has been a member of the PCAF Inc ever since 1986.

In 2001, the Lord saw fit to call our Pastor from earth to glory. His brother Elder John Jeffrey, who was working by his side, as Assistant Pastor, was voted in to be Pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ, and has advanced in ministry in the PCAF as a Episcopal Bishop and Diocesan of the 8th Episcopal District covering Arkansas and Oklahoma and having obtained help from God we continue unto this day as a beacon for lost souls to come in out of sin and find salvation in the precious name of Jesus!!