Bishop John Jeffrey Pic 7Bishop John Jeffrey was baptized in Jesus Name in 1984 and received the Holy Ghost in 1985 under the leadership of his late brother, District Elder Richard Jeffrey Sr. After receiving the Holy Ghost; he made the statement that it “shouldn’t have taken him that long”.

He is married to Lady Anna Louise Jeffrey, and they are the parents of 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and 1 great granddaughter.

While just a lay member it was soon recognized by his Pastor and other leaders in the Church that he was anointed to teach the word of God. He served as the Adult Sunday School teacher for many years in his local assembly as well as secretary/treasurer, choir president, youth director and Assistant Pastor.

After the death of his Pastor and older brother in 2001, he was elected unanimously by the church members to be the next Pastor of The Church of Jesus Christ. Diocesan Bishop Reese Price Jr. performed the installation service, installing him as the Pastor of the Church. With the help of the Lord, Bishop Jeffrey was able to keep the saints together. Under his leadership 3 churches have branched out from his ministry, with 3 more from one of the churches under his Diocese with the first three  being members of  the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Inc.

Bishop Jeffrey has served faithfully in the Southwestern District Council since its inception in 1991, and served under 3 Council Chairmen and 2 Diocesan Bishop’s, The late Bishop L.D. Stallworth Sr. and the late Bishop Reese Price Jr.

He was appointed District Elder in 2002. In 2006, after the death of Jurisdictional Bishop Fred Donahue Sr; he was elevated to the position of Jurisdictional Bishop and was appointed to serve out the remaining term as Council Chairman. In 2008 he was elected Council Chairman. In the Annual 2016 Council he was once again elected as Council Chairman, a position he still currently holds.

Bishop Jeffrey was submitted to the Board of Bishops for elevation by Bishop Reese Price Jr. at the National Convention in July 2010, and after the passing of Bishop Price in August of 2010, he was appointed the Diocesan Bishop of the 8th Episcopal District of The Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Inc. God has used him to serve with and under many great men of God and it has been his sincere desire to continue to serve in whatever capacity God so desires.

His latest accomplishment has been to author a book, entitled “A right to exist, whose right is right” published on August 11, 2015 by I Universe and can be found on Amazon, Google play and Barnes and Noble com.